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A Negative Self-Worth Can Get in the Way of Your Success

Anna’s Story Anna always dreamed of being a teacher and a great mother to her children, like her mother. She had always been a little on the chubby side, but her mother gave her lots of love and support and

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My Bucket’s Full-Time to Empty It

People Pleaser Prison As I became more aware of myself and who I am, I realized I have been a people pleaser much of my life. During childhood, my dad controlled everything my mother and I did with his silence.

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How to Design Your Life for Success

Have you designed your life the way you want it? If your deepest desires were fulfilled, how would your life change? What would you do differently? In the later years of high school and definitely in college we are taught

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How I Learned to Be the Boss

Freelance Job #1  After a forced retirement from an illness which involved multiple surgeries, I decided to go back to work. The Freelance market was like a neon sign flashing in my eyes, “Work Here”, “Work Here.” I gave it

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How It Feels When You’re Outside of Time

Falling Up Something grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled me straight up through the building at lightning speed. I could feel the speed, like the diving sensation of a roller coaster. Except, instead of falling down, I was

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