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Who Is Larry S. Warfield?

Larry S. WarfieldAs a son and grandson of Baptist ministers, Larry was heavily influenced by the music that was ever present around him. During extended family get-togethers, music flowed freely.

You would hear the gospel greats of the time, plus the soulful sounds of Motown. The younger members of the family loved Jazz from musicians like Miles Davis and Wes Montgomery.

Being the third child out of six brought its own challenges growing up. As a shy, sensitive child who wasn’t the loudest in the bunch, he was often overshadowed by his oldest brother and sister and upstaged by his younger siblings.

His mother, being aware of her son’s backseat role in the family and his love of music, bought him a guitar. It became his most treasured possession. View Full Post

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Modern Retro Pop MusicWhat Is Modern Retro Music?

Modern Retro Music can be new songs with a retro sound or feel.

Retro Music can have different meanings to different people. The younger generation is discovering Retro Music as New Music. Many younger artists are taking the Retro Music and adding their own twist making it Retro Music.

In musical terms, Retro usually describes more modern music which contains stylistic elements which are similar to those of the past, such as The Pipettes and The Raveonettes. These two bands are very different yet both Retro. The Pipettes give off a vibe that is almost identical to some of the girl bands in the 60s. You can tell by listening to The Raveonettes that they have an abiding love for the Ronettes and Suicide. View Full Post

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The DIY WayThe big problem is that many of us believe what the music execs tell us the truth about having a successful music career. The advice given by the “music experts” is totally one-sided from their point-of-view, their Found on http://www.LarrySWarfieldMusic.com/post/music-career/“bottom line”. They do not consider the DIY Musicians.

Yes, the music industry is in business to make money, all companies are. But, they are casting a wide net to see who they catch. They are looking for specific people, with a specific image that they can use to make them the most money. Even in the songs, they are looking for specifics and if you don’t or can’t provide it, you’re out.

Do they care about the smaller fish in the big ocean of talent? No. They are looking for the person who can fit into their mold, the total package. It’s not exclusively about talent. We often hear stories about a girl who tries out for a part and has the voice, talent, but won’t fit into the costume. That’s fine, but what about the rest of the talented singer, songwriters, and performers? Are they just out of luck?

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Doing Everything And Getting No Place With Your Music Career?  

Getting No PlaceBen, a better than average musician, singer-songwriter, had always dreamed of having a music career, performing on stage for thousands of people. Maybe we should say, he always dreamed of being a star, a big-time entertainer.

Like many other musicians, Ben didn’t handle rejection well. Every time he’d get close enough to see that he might have a chance at a music career, his fear would surface causing him to back down.

After many years of putting his songs on the shelf, Ben decided to take a risk and pitch his songs to some music execs. Living in Southern California provided the opportunity to personally go to Pitch Sessions in Los Angeles. Every week for months, he’d spend an hour or two on the busy freeway to get to the weekly pitch. Every week it went the same.

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Larry S. Warfield | Indie ArtistThe term Indie Artist or the DIY Artist, as described in the first article, was coined in the 80’s short for “Independent Artist”. They were usually singer-songwriters or band who recorded and released their own records independently of the music moguls.

The self-motivated Indie Artist doesn’t wait around for someone to tell them what to do or how to do it, a person with a Do It Yourself attitude.

The Indie Artist isn’t one who will send out CDs or MP3s then wait for an email or a letter in the mail. They may send out CDs or MP3s but they are busy playing gigs, setting up their online presence.

Goal driven Indie Artists know where they are going and create a plan to get there. Quitting when the going gets tough is not an option. Indies create their opportunities.

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Larry S. Warfield - Indie ArtistThe term Indie Artist, coined in the 80’s by the media, is short for ‘Independent Artist’.  It describes the band or singer-songwriter who records and releases their own records or albums released under independent labels.

Often times, the Indie Artist writes lyrics that are “rawer” than that of the mainstream.

The “Indie Artist” has come to describe a unique sound, different from the major labels. They often use sounds that are less polished or have a very different way of using their voice.

The Indie Artist frequently uses unconventional time signatures, more chord progressions or more reverb than a mainstream artist.

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Larry S. Warfield at That-Midday-Show


I was very excited about appearing on the UNSIGNED radio program, singing four of my original songs. THAT MIDDAY SHOW was my first songwriter interview appearance. The full broadcast was approximately 50 mins long and included a description of my music and songwriting background, style, inspiration, and methods. The original songs I sang represent different styles, which I incorporate in my songwriting. I also sang song clips of some of my other songs as examples. The full Podcast is available below.


My first Live Radio Singer-Songwriter Interview… I got to talk about some of my songwriting processes and experiences and sang four of my original songs LIVE!!!

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After spending approximately 20 years as a programmer analyst working in both the private sector and county government, Dena Warfield returned to college earning a Masters Degree in Psychology and in Creative Writing. Since graduation, her main focus has been on marketing – Direct Sales, Copywriting, and Writing for the Web. She co-owned and managed a direct marketing company with her husband working, primarily, with local newspapers. She managed the business office, human resources, and helped with training and marketing. She also designed their company Web Site plus writing for other web developers. Dena’s years of business, computer programming, and writing have helped to focus her copywriting skills in the marketing arena. Whether she is writing content for websites, emails, brochures, catalogs, or direct-response her goal is increased traffic and sales to your site or business. Education Dena earned her Master’s Degree in Human Behavior and a Master’s in Creative Writing from National University in San Diego, California. She has also completed a certification program from AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc., Delray Beach, FL.) with a focus in copywriting for the web. Author Dena has authored a self-help book designed to help people become aware of their negative thoughts and core beliefs that keep them from becoming successful. The techniques described in her book were used to help their sales rep to become more successful. Her book is currently on Amazon.com. She also enjoys writing Flash Fiction which can be found on her Facebook page, WarStories by Dena – Flash Fiction with a twist.

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