Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingHardly a day goes by that the “traditional” news doesn’t talk about one of the Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google Review or Yelp. They are often talking about a story on Social Media or how that platform has impacted the news. Google seems to be in the news a lot these days which adds to the buzz around Social Media.

We are all aware of the ads we see on Facebook. With all the content we are exposed to on the internet, a new way of marketing is being developed – “Conversational or Relationship” Marketing. Conversational marketing is a one-to-one approach to marketingThis method allows companies to shorten their sales cycle. But more importantly, it allows the marketers to learn more about their customers, and create a human buying experience.

Unlike traditional marketing, conversational marketing uses targeted, real-time messaging and intelligent chatbots instead of lead capture forms.  In this method, leads never have to wait for follow-ups. They can engage with your business when it’s convenient for them. It also allows the marketer to make personal contact with people. With personal conversation, the individual can become a lead who is interested in your product.

Conversations with potential customers don’t just happen on your website. Conversation marketing takes place across multiple social media platforms. It is all about starting a dialogue with the people who can benefit from your product or service. You aren’t just blasting people with ads and trying to force people to take an action. Conversational Marketing is about having a conversation with people, answering their questions and listening to their feedback. The ultimate goal is to find new ways to help them solve their problem.