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Planting Your New Mindset

Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

You’ve been ridding your garden plot of weeds and garbage. Have you started planting yet? Introduction  In the last post Harvey started looking at his negative core beliefs and how to change them into a postive ‘mindset.’ The roots of 

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Social Media Marketing

Hardly a day goes by that the “traditional” news doesn’t talk about one of the Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google Review or Yelp. They are often talking about a story on Social Media or how

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WordPress Websites

I started working with computers with some of the first mainframe computers doing data entry. I then worked up to systems operations and then on into programming. I may be telling my age here, but I have spent 20+ years

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Content Net Writing

I am a writer. I love to research and write about a variety of products, companies, and subjects. In today’s technology-driven society, content is king. We as customers are continually bombarded by content, content on the TV and Radio, Billboards

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SEO/Keyword Research

First of all, what is SEO/Keyword Research? When customers are looking for a company, a product, or service they go to their favorite search engine, Google, Bing or any other and type in words that represent what they are looking

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Portfolio and Sample Posts

Read the sample posts below. Click to the original posts to finish reading. Click on the link below to see the charts and reports that I generate for websites, blogs, email, and social media marketing. Dena Warfield’s Portfolio *** Who

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Dena Warfield’s Portfolio Click to view Dena’s Portfolio

Need To Get Your Product Seen?

Not Sure How? Do you have a website? Do you know how to do Keyword Research for your website? You know how to write good SEO Content Net, RIGHT? Still, Have Questions? Do you want to promote your product through Social

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Dena Warfield

My Journey If you had visited my website a few months back you would have seen a totally different look, feel, and different blog posts, posts about Life Coaching. “What’s up with that?” you might ask. I have 20+ years

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