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It’s Okay, Dad Always Picks Up The Tab

Robin hears a knock at the door. “Who’s knocking at the door. I’m not expecting anyone. I’m not ready for company. I’m not dressed. Look at my hair. Maybe, it’s just a salesman,” she said as she walked to the door trying to straighten her hair as she went. “Just a minute,” she yells. You… Read More »It’s Okay, Dad Always Picks Up The Tab

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Does The Script of Your Life Need Rewriting?

What’s a Me-Movie? We all know that movies are a sequential series of images and sounds that engage the viewers’ imagination to tell a story or create a perceived experience. Every life is a story. Let’s turn our attention to the perceived experiences of our lives that I will call your ME-MOVIE. According to the… Read More »Does The Script of Your Life Need Rewriting?

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How To Regulate Your Emotions So They Don’t Regulate You

  Introduction Emotional self-regulation or emotion regulation is the ability to respond to emotionally intense situations in a manner that is socially acceptable, yet, still remain flexible enough to be spontaneous in your reactions and maintain the ability to delay spontaneous reactions when needed. As adults, we must all learn to regulate our emotions, especially… Read More »How To Regulate Your Emotions So They Don’t Regulate You

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Who Do Your Words Say You Are?

Robin Back On Assignment Remember Robin from Part 1 and Part 2? She was given the assignment to evaluate an individual’s communication. In Part 2 she was People Watching at the Ferry Building Marketplace where she observed a couple having an intense argument. After the woman threw the phone down and stomped off, the guy… Read More »Who Do Your Words Say You Are?

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What Is Your Body Language Saying?

Elements of Communications In the scientific paper “Body Language Classification and Communicative Context” by Jianxue Yin,  the elements of communication are grouped for better understanding of how they work together and separately. They are divided into three groups, Verbal, Posture – nonverbal and body language, and Social. In my last post, we looked at verbal… Read More »What Is Your Body Language Saying?

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What Is Your Voice Saying About You?

Rate Your Distraction Level   We’re surrounded by distractions, especially our phones.  Are you paying attention to the conversations you are having or are you distracted by your phone and social media? What are your vocal elements telling others? In communications, personal or otherwise, consider your voice. Your vocal elements can help you be engaging… Read More »What Is Your Voice Saying About You?

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Are Your Conversations A Win-Win?

Jerry Just Wanted Things His Way Jerry discovered that Debbie, the step-mother of his girlfriend Connie, was a Life Coach. He and Connie had been having problems lately. He wanted to take their relationship to the next level – move in together. Connie wasn’t so sure. They had been seeing each other for about six… Read More »Are Your Conversations A Win-Win?