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How You Can Help ADHD Adults Improve Their Ability To Listen 

3 Active listening exercises and techniques to develop better communication Does it seem like the ADHD adults in your life are always on the phone or focused somewhere else when you try to talk to them? It’s very difficult to have a meaningful conversation when you get silence in return. Active Listening Good communication is… Read More »How You Can Help ADHD Adults Improve Their Ability To Listen 

6 Breakthrough Tips to Improve Toxic Communications

Avoid injured feelings and devastating conflicts Conversations can go from a peaceful discussion to a hurtful argument in seconds when one partner has ADHD. ADHDers often find it difficult to keep their emotions in check and under control during intense interactions. Anger, resentment, and arguing are common when ADHD is present. Both the ADHDer and… Read More »6 Breakthrough Tips to Improve Toxic Communications

Another Side of Adult ADHD

Rejection Sensitivity In my last post, “What does ADHD have to do with Anger,” Gracie thought she and Dennis had finally turned a corner in being able to communicate effectively.  Dennis finally revealed that he had been diagnosed with ADHD. Even though they were neighbors and friends during childhood, Dennis had never revealed this to… Read More »Another Side of Adult ADHD

What Does Anger Have To Do With ADHD

“Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city.” — Proverbs 16:32 ESV Image by ashish choudhary from Pixabay 1 In my last post, Do You Play Defense, Dennis was very easily offended, but wouldn’t talk to Gracie about why. They found an… Read More »What Does Anger Have To Do With ADHD

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Do You Play Defense

Defensiveness is reactive, similar to the defensive plays in football, where the defense reacts to the actions of the offense In relationships, defensiveness can be both a feeling and behavior. Typically, a defensive feeling is triggered by criticism, put-downs, shaming, intense sadness, or anger.  As a result of the feeling, you exhibit behaviors such as being… Read More »Do You Play Defense

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Gracie and her Best Friend About Ready to Duke it out…

How to take your thoughts captive   Photo by Laura Tancredi from Pexels Body Shaming Gracie sat in a corner booth of a fast-food restaurant. In the booth next to her, she could hear two young women talking. One said, “I have to lose weight. At size 12 I’m never going to get a date. Look… Read More »Gracie and her Best Friend About Ready to Duke it out…

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Remember The Seeds You Planted

Your Thoughts Become Your Words Which Become Your Behavior “How can my words be used to create my future? How are word seeds planted?” Gracie said. “I just don’t get it.” Gracie, a woman in her mid-40s, had heard her pastor say the above in one of his sermons. She just couldn’t shake the thought… Read More »Remember The Seeds You Planted

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Things You Need To Know About Healing Today

And What Some Think and Teach   We read stories in the Bible about people being healed and wonder if divine healing is still available today. Some teach that it was only for Bible times. Others teach that it’s not always God’s will to heal. So, it may not be God’s will to heal me.… Read More »Things You Need To Know About Healing Today

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How To Deal With A Know-It-All

According to the dictionary, an opinion is “a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter. It’s also a belief stronger than an impression and less strong than positive knowledge.” Wikipedia states that “an opinion is a judgment, viewpoint, or statement that is not conclusive, rather than facts which can be… Read More »How To Deal With A Know-It-All