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Dena Warfield

After spending approximately 20 years as a programmer analyst working in both the private sector and county government, Dena Warfield returned to college earning a Masters Degree in Psychology and in Creative Writing. Since graduation, her main focus has been on marketing – Direct Sales, Copywriting, and Writing for the Web. She co-owned and managed a direct marketing company with her husband working, primarily, with local newspapers. She managed the business office, human resources, and helped with training and marketing. She also designed their company Web Site plus writing for other web developers. Dena’s years of business, computer programming, and writing have helped to focus her copywriting skills in the marketing arena. Whether she is writing content for websites, emails, brochures, catalogs, or direct-response her goal is increased traffic and sales to your site or business. Education Dena earned her Master’s Degree in Human Behavior and a Master’s in Creative Writing from National University in San Diego, California. She has also completed a certification program from AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc., Delray Beach, FL.) with a focus in copywriting for the web. Author Dena has authored a self-help book designed to help people become aware of their negative thoughts and core beliefs that keep them from becoming successful. The techniques described in her book were used to help their sales rep to become more successful. Her book is currently on Amazon.com. She also enjoys writing Flash Fiction which can be found on her Facebook page, WarStories by Dena – Flash Fiction with a twist.

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Remember The Seeds You Planted

Your Thoughts Become Your Words Which Become Your Behavior “How can my words be used to create my future? How are word seeds planted?” Gracie said. “I just don’t get it.” Gracie, a woman in her mid-40s, had heard her pastor say the above in one of his sermons. She just couldn’t shake the thought… Read More »Remember The Seeds You Planted

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How to Use the Power of Speaking God’s Word Appropriately According to the Word

In my last article, ‘How Does Real Faith Compare to Mental Assent,” some wondered if I was espousing the doctrine that has been labeled “name it and claim it,” or “blab it and grab it” or “Prosperity Gospel.” The answer is “absolutely no.” We could all argue points and principles for different denominations and doctrines,… Read More »How to Use the Power of Speaking God’s Word Appropriately According to the Word

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How Does Real Faith Compare to Mental Assent

Most Christians affirm that the Bible is God’s Word and that it is the truth. Unfortunately, though, many times when Christians experience a crisis or become sick they say, “Yes, I believe the Bible is the Word of God, and it is true, but it doesn’t work for me.” Often times they quote scripture, for… Read More »How Does Real Faith Compare to Mental Assent

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Things You Need To Know About Healing Today

And What Some Think and Teach   We read stories in the Bible about people being healed and wonder if divine healing is still available today. Some teach that it was only for Bible times. Others teach that it’s not always God’s will to heal. So, it may not be God’s will to heal me.… Read More »Things You Need To Know About Healing Today

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I’m Back. Coronavirus Couldn’t Take Me Out

Remember when all this Coronavirus mess started a year ago? The fake news would show rows of bodies in ER with Coronavirus; rows of bodies on ventilators. With all the news, fake or otherwise, you really didn’t know what to believe; the stats, the stories, or the pictures. With the latest allegations from New York,… Read More »I’m Back. Coronavirus Couldn’t Take Me Out

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How To Deal With A Know-It-All

According to the dictionary, an opinion is “a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter. It’s also a belief stronger than an impression and less strong than positive knowledge.” Wikipedia states that “an opinion is a judgment, viewpoint, or statement that is not conclusive, rather than facts which can be… Read More »How To Deal With A Know-It-All

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At The Heart Of Your Shadow Side

“Do you sometimes say about what you’ve just done, ‘I don’t know what got into me?’ Do you sometimes feel like you’re being run from ‘behind the scenes’ or are stuck on automatic? At such times, it’s very likely that your shadow is in charge. So what is shadow?” – Robert  Agustus Masters Phd Connie… Read More »At The Heart Of Your Shadow Side

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Finding Gold In Your Shadow Side

The ‘shadow’ is the side of your personality that contains all the parts of yourself that you don’t want to admit to having. Dark World Jeremy thought about his discussion with his counselor while sitting on the bench in the school courtyard. She had brought a little light into his seemingly very dark shadow world.… Read More »Finding Gold In Your Shadow Side

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They Keep Telling Me I’m Not Normal

The hardest thing about ADHD and other Personality Disorders is that it’s ‘invisible’ to outsiders. “I’m so tired of everyone telling me that I’m not normal just because I have ADHD. Who do they think they are? God.” Jeremy said. “I’ve been like this my whole life. Of course, it’s normal. It’s normal for me.… Read More »They Keep Telling Me I’m Not Normal