Month: June 2019

How To Regulate Your Emotions So They Don’t Regulate You

Image by Ashish Choudhary from Pixabay Introduction Emotional self-regulation or emotion regulation is the ability to respond to emotionally intense situations in a manner that is socially acceptable, yet, still remain flexible enough to be spontaneous in your reactions and

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How To Speak Up With Intention

Communicate With Confidence Photo by from Pexels Speaking up with intention can be your strongest move ever Introduction Have any of you ever, for one reason or another, been afraid to speak up and say what is on your

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How To Set Your Intentions For Good

Too Busy Defending Your Intentions To Notice The Effect On Others? Prologue In addressing the subject of intentions, I have found it to be rather nebulous and imprecise, but there are several important aspects of it that I feel need

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