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Who Do Your Words Say You Are?

Robin Back On Assignment Remember Robin from Part 1 and Part 2? She was given the assignment to evaluate an individual’s communication. In Part 2 she was People Watching at the Ferry Building Marketplace where she observed a couple having an intense argument. After the woman threw the phone down and stomped off, the guy… Read More »Who Do Your Words Say You Are?

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What Is Your Body Language Saying?

Elements of Communications In the scientific paper “Body Language Classification and Communicative Context” by Jianxue Yin,  the elements of communication are grouped for better understanding of how they work together and separately. They are divided into three groups, Verbal, Posture – nonverbal and body language, and Social. In my last post, we looked at verbal… Read More »What Is Your Body Language Saying?

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What Is Your Voice Saying About You?

Rate Your Distraction Level   We’re surrounded by distractions, especially our phones.  Are you paying attention to the conversations you are having or are you distracted by your phone and social media? What are your vocal elements telling others? In communications, personal or otherwise, consider your voice. Your vocal elements can help you be engaging… Read More »What Is Your Voice Saying About You?

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Are Your Conversations A Win-Win?

Jerry Just Wanted Things His Way Jerry discovered that Debbie, the step-mother of his girlfriend Connie, was a Life Coach. He and Connie had been having problems lately. He wanted to take their relationship to the next level – move in together. Connie wasn’t so sure. They had been seeing each other for about six… Read More »Are Your Conversations A Win-Win?

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Communicating With Some Is Difficult

I can hear some of you who are reading this post ask, everybody thinks differently, so what exactly do you mean? Correct, people don’t think or do anything exactly the same, unless, perhaps, identical twins. Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay People with personality disorders do think differently: BiPolar: Obsessive Thoughts, think in the extremes… Read More »Communicating With Some Is Difficult

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Find The Rhythm In Your Communication

Find The Rhythm (Lyrics by Larry S. Warfield) When a man loves the work he does, it’s a wonderful joy it brings. Not just mastering tools, or remembering rules, or just doing the same old thing It goes much deeper within him. It’s so very much like romance. He finds the rhythm in it… Read More »Find The Rhythm In Your Communication

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Why Doesn’t ‘HE’ Get It

Men engage the world in a hierarchical social order, “one-upmanship”, whereas, women approach the world as one in a network of connections for intimacy. Photo by Daniel Mingook Kim on Unsplash Mark stood at the kitchen counter making his lunch before leaving for work when Diane started talking about her job, again (How Empathy Comes… Read More »Why Doesn’t ‘HE’ Get It

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How Empathy Comes To the Rescue

Developing empathy and becoming an Empathic Listener is learning to act, be, and care about others, as well as, learning to control and understand our own emotions. “Mark, would you please take me to the office to get my car?” Diane asked a second time. Mark grabbed his jacket and stormed out, slamming the front… Read More »How Empathy Comes To the Rescue

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How Not To Be the Listener Who Fakes It

The manner in which you stand, listen, gaze and move, tells the person you are communicating with how attentive you are, if you are being honest, and if you care or not. –  Anthony Madani  Talking Non-Stop Amy and Diane, from the story in Most Of Us, Don’t Know How To Listen, went to lunch… Read More »How Not To Be the Listener Who Fakes It