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Content is KingI am a writer. I love to research and write about a variety of products, companies, and subjects. In today’s technology-driven society, content is king.

We as customers are continually bombarded by content, content on the TV and Radio, Billboards and Signs everywhere you look, magazines and books. But the biggest presenter of content is the internet.

There is so much content that marketers have run into what they are calling a Content Shock Wall. Companies must write content for their company, product and/or service, without the content they will not be found. It is as simple as either stand out with original and/or remarkable content in a voice that is unlike anyone else or don’t bother.

Content Net Writing, as mentioned above, is content in story form combined with influence and persuasion used in copywriting, plus, of course, a Call To Action. Content Net Writing is more emotion packed, thus, more persuasive.

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