Month: January 2019

How to Design Your Life for Success

Have you designed your life the way you want it? If your deepest desires were fulfilled, how would your life change? What would you do differently? In the later years of high school and definitely in college we are taught

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How to Expand My Self-Awareness for Change

From childhood, I kept my anger to myself.  My mother said she could always tell when I was angry or upset by the way I played the piano. I considered myself a person who rarely got angry. When I did

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How To Overcome Excessive Impulsivity When You Have ADHD

Impulsivity in People With ADHD The person who displays impulsive tendencies is often reckless and impatient, not taking the necessary time to think through decisions. Some are painfully shy in social situations because they have been corrected, reprimanded and ridiculed

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How to Stay Focused When You Have ADHD

An article in HealthLine states people with ADHD are predominantly inattentive, meaning, they have difficulty focusing, finishing tasks, and following instructions. They are prone to distractions by anything that catches their attention. Inattentive ADHD often manifests as forgetfulness, apathy, or

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What is ADHD and How to Deal With Someone Who Has It

What is ADHD? We often hear the term ADHD or ADD but don’t really know what it means. Think back to elementary school and the kid who just couldn’t sit still, always out of his seat, or talking over the

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How to Manipulate a Conversation By Not Listening

Hearing vs. Listening Many people, men more than women, but women too, don’t listen to what’s being said. They might be able to tell you the words that were said for a few seconds, maybe a couple of minutes, but

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Things We Do That Stop Effective Communication

Communication is a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior. It can be either a verbal or written message. Merriam-Webster  There are certain things we do which stop all effective

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How to Communicate Better When Working Freelance

In working freelance for a little over a year, I discovered that working freelance with an employee mindset does not work well. Communication problems develop that don’t occur in the normal employee/employer setting. Yes, freelancers are hired to do a

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How I Learned to Be the Boss

Freelance Job #1  After a forced retirement from an illness which involved multiple surgeries, I decided to go back to work. The Freelance market was like a neon sign flashing in my eyes, “Work Here”, “Work Here.” I gave it

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How to get started in the music industry

Doing Everything And Getting No Place in the Music Industry Since my youth, I dreamed of having a music career, performing on stage for thousands. People told me I was a better than average musician and singer-songwriter. But, I still had

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